Interesting questions for online communication

Communication in chats and dating sites has become a part of our life. Today, people more often communicate on the Internet than in real life, and a lot of them find each other through messages and a webcam. However, even if you are accustomed to this way of communications, two strangers very often have nothing to talk about. If you communicate in chats like Chatroulette, people can quickly switch you to another user, and you will not get the pleasure from communication.

What questions should you ask?

There are some questions that will help you to start an interesting conversation:

1) Favorite food and drinks. Everybody likes tasty food, and some regularly visit cafes and try the cuisines of various countries. This is an excellent opportunity to share your impressions of various dishes, to express your preferences and even to boast about your ability to cook well.

2) Work specifics. After you have learned the place of work of the interlocutor, ask what exactly he/she is doing, whether he/she likes his/her position. Any person likes to talk about what he does for 8 or more hours, so detailed answers are provided. But do not ask questions about wages.

3) Questions about children, if any. Do you communicate with a woman who has small children? You can be sure that she is ready to tell you about their habits and preferences in detail!

4) Interesting and fun habits. Questions about favorite color of socks, the most unloved activity; all this will help you to make the conversation more relaxed and to learn new things about the person at the same time.

5) If you plan a meeting in real world, do not be afraid to ask serious and important questions for you. Attitudes toward family and children, the distribution of roles and finances in a couple, all this will tell you whether you should even meet with this person.

6) Questions on an intimate topic. Such questions are allowed to ask if you have been communicating with a person for quite a long time. Favorite position in bed, the importance of foreplay, fantasy, all this can be a topic of conversation. At the same time, you can make several compliments to make the conversation more pleasant.

7) Questions about sports. A lot of people do sports and this is an excellent occasion to ask how fast they run, how many times they train, have they ever set personal records and what obstacles they have faced.

What questions should not be asked? It is better not to be interested in religious or political beliefs, health. All this is a delicate topic. You should be more interested in the person and affairs of the interlocutor during online communication. People are glad to talk about themselves.