Communication in a chat with strangers

If you are fond of virtual anonymous communication with strangers, you should pay attention to Omegle and Chatroulette. The services are so popular because you have a unique opportunity to find a random interlocutor in the Internet, regardless of his country of residence, gender, sexual preferences and religion.

The initial versions of Omegle and Chatroulette required entry of personal data: email addresses, name, login and other contact information. Now the users have the opportunity to maintain their complete anonymity when they are talking to a stranger.

How to communicate with a stranger in a chat

Despite the fact that your potential interlocutor is a stranger, you should be polite.

To enjoy communication with strangers in a chat, you have to follow some rules and recommendations:

– do not be shy. Try to make a favorable impression from the first phrase;

– your messages should not be too short;

– be original. Try to ignore the standard questions about the weather and time of year. Show your sense of humor to interest the stranger. Interesting news and unusual facts are what you need;

– do not show emotions and do not take everything to heart under no circumstances. If a stranger is rude, just finish the conversation;

– it is necessary to ask questions that will necessarily require an answer;

– if you communicate in a text mode, try not to make mistakes. A large number of grammatical mistakes will not help you;

– do not change users too quickly.

If you communicate with strangers in a chat using a webcam and you want to remain anonymous, you have to remove from the background all items that could disclose your personality. Diplomas, certificates, driver’s licenses, all these documents should be hidden before the end of the conversation with a stranger.

If you want a stranger to know as much information as possible about you, you should fill in your profile.