How to understand that it is time to meet

So, you are chatting with a person who you really like. You have a lot in common, you can communicate all night. But online communication is one thing, and meeting in reality is another. Many people are very afraid to cross this line. And no wonder, because in the Internet, even with a video camera, we can behave differently. To be better or worse than who we really are.

So how do you understand that it is time to move relationships from the virtual to the real world?

How to understand that it is time to meet?

First, make sure that not only are you interested in a real meeting. If your interlocutor now and then brings the conversation to the point that one could go somewhere or make some other hints, then this is a sure sign – you are clearly interested and would like to continue communicating in reality.

Secondly, you cannot drag out virtual communication. The longer you talk online to get to know each other better, the more unrealistic your expectations will be. It happens that people only talk on Skype or a chat for months, not daring to move to a new level. The result is a meeting of old friends, not potential lovers. The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment if sparkle does not arise between you.

The optimal meeting time is no later than three weeks of virtual acquaintance, but there is no need to rush in this case either. For a couple of days of communication in the Internet, you are unlikely to know enough about a person.

But there are exceptions when dates are set after a couple of hours of communication in a chat-roulette. And with a very successful ending! That is, there is no exact algorithm of actions and time frames. It all depends on how confident you are.

A few more tips for someone who decided to move online communication into real world:

· Be prepared for disappointment. No matter how regrettable it may sound, online communication is sometimes much more attractive than real one. And the interlocutors expect more from each other than they are willing to give. This can be avoided if you do not idealize your partner.

· Do not embellish information about yourself during online communication. The entire secret will still become apparent.

· Do not make hasty conclusions when meeting. Yes, online chats can evaluate the appearance of the interlocutor. But the monitor screen does not transmit growth. And it can really scare. Think, is this parameter so important for you?

· The first date can be held in the park, cinema, cafe. You should not offer a meeting at home, choose a night time, a club or an expensive restaurant. Although, if you agree with a partner about everything on the shore, then why not?

And, remember that no matter how attractive online communication is, the reality is much better. So, make an appointment in reality! It is up to you to decide whether to do this right away or to wait a couple of weeks.