How to overcome fear and ask for a date

Talking with a cute girl or attractive guy sooner or later should go on a date. But what if you do not have the courage to invite the person you like? After all, the fear of rejection is one of the most widespread. The lack of confidence in one’s strengths and one’s own attractiveness does not allow one to simply invite someone who he likes on a date.

A few steps: how to overcome the fear

1. First, select one who does not have a soulmate. In reality, this is more difficult, and if you met in an online chat, then everything is simpler. A person has entered the chat, which means he wants to communicate. And, quite likely, he would not mind continuing it in real life. The main thing is to get to know him better.

2. Talk closely to see if that person likes you or not. If the sympathy is mutual, then you can try to make an appointment.

3. Think about what you want to say, rehearse the pronunciation of phrases. Yes, it may seem silly or comical, but it really works. At least you can talk.

4. Communicate with him, and try to assess the situation. If all is well, then invite him to meet in some comfortable place. It is advisable that you already know where you want to invite. And they were not talking about “we could go to a cafe” or “let’s go somewhere.” Clearly designate what you want.

5. Another option is to ask you to be invited on a date. Joke, smile, hint – it will not be unnoticed. And, quite likely, you really get an offer to go somewhere.

6. You can not say that you want to invite him somewhere. Now there are many opportunities to do this without words – write in a chat, or social networks. It is known that writing is much simpler.

Tips and warnings:

· Do not panic. And do not start mumbling if something goes wrong.

· Remember that it is better to regret what did not work out than to miss the opportunity to do something;

· Smile and try to be positive;

· Be sincere. When inviting a date, make sure that your partner will not feel embarrassed.

· If you have been rejected, then try to keep a straight face, as if there was no invitation.

So, just exhale and make an appointment. It is not so difficult. The main thing is to pick up your fear, and then you will succeed!