Questions you should ask a guy in the Internet

Online communication has entered our lives. Dating sites, chats, chat-roulettes have become a familiar place for dating. How to start a conversation with a guy in the Internet, what questions should be asked for a successful real meeting and an interesting conversation?

Common hobbies and interests

It is unlikely that you will be able to find a common language if the guy is seriously involved in skiing, and you cannot stand physical activity and prefer a relaxing holiday. Questions about hobbies are universal and useful, they will help you learn a little more about the interlocutor and determine whether you are suitable for each other.

Favorite food

It is another innocent issue that you can discuss for a long time and especially if you both love to eat. Talking about the cuisines of different peoples of the world broadens the horizons, so they will be very informative.

A conversation about pets

If a guy likes pets, it is a good sign. Caring for animals indicates a careful attitude to loved ones. In addition, you definitely will find a common topic for a fascinating conversation!

Questions about family and children

This is an important detail for girls who look forward to regular meetings or serious relationships. If you want children, and the young man does not plan them, you should not waste your time on useless conversations: it is better to say goodbye and immediately switch to another person!

A conversation about work

Of course, you should not ask about the place of work in the first minutes of a conversation. However, many men are real workaholics, which means it will be interesting for them to tell what they are doing. This useful information will help to find out the approximate financial situation of the interlocutor. However, do not ask about the salary directly. Such questions are impolite and demonstrate your selfish interest.

Favorite places in the city

Ask the guy where he likes to spend his free time, which parks he prefers for walking. Who knows, maybe your interests will coincide! By the way, it is a clever way to talk about a real meeting.

You should not ask a young man about his attitude to religion (if only this question is not fundamental for you) and politics. These are controversial topics, starting to discuss which, you can just quarrel. If you do not want an intimate relationship without commitment, do not start talking on erotic topics. In all other respects, girls in chat-roulettes enjoy complete freedom of action!

To make a successful acquaintance, close friendship or romantic relationship, it is enough to be active, to be not afraid to ask interesting questions, and to answer questions of the interlocutor in detail.