What avatar should a girl choose?

The choice of a central profile photo (profile picture) for a girl is a very important point, especially if she is in an active search for her soulmate.

You should understand that, first of all, a young man loves appearance and your main photograph will be of great importance. According to this illustration, a guy can judge not only about your appearance, but also about your taste, ability to dress stylishly, and even character traits.

The size of the photograph and its quality, emotionality and gestures, the presence of intimate subtext – all these aspects are extremely important when choosing an avatar profile in Omegle and Chatroulette.

What specific rules and recommendations should be followed when choosing a central photograph of the profile?

What points should be considered by a girl when choosing a main photo

One of the fundamental points and main factors of attracting young people to your profile is to download the correct avatar. You should not attach as your main photograph the first image you come across.

When choosing an avatar, the following key aspects should be considered:

1. Do not upload an intimate or too candid photo as an avatar, firstly, it is very vulgar, and secondly, you risk being blocked by a moderator.

A photo should not be too depraved. The guy will simply consider you sexually preoccupied. However, a photo in a bikini or swimsuit will not be superfluous, but only if you are a happy owner of a beautiful, attractive figure. It is much more correct to download a photo with only your face.

2. Show your hobbies. If you are fond of horse riding or archery, you can set the corresponding avatar as the central photo, where you are shown riding a horse. By such an illustration, a young man will be able to judge your hobbies; it will undoubtedly leave positive impressions about you.

3. Pay attention to the size of the photograph and your positioning on it. Your image should be at least 70-80% of the total size of the photo. An avatar, first of all, shows the appearance, and not the background objects (trees, sea, attractions, etc.).

4. Upload an avatar where you look relaxed. Do not put a photograph from a passport. Looking through the profile, the guy will simply ignore yours.

5. In the photo you should look stylish and fashionable. Be sure, a young man will appreciate your ability to dress beautifully. If you have visited a photo studio and have a suitable picture, it is ideal as a central illustration of the questionnaire.

6. An avatar, scanned from a live portrait, which is painted with a brush or pencil, will be very useful. An artist, as a rule, focuses on your beauty, discarding everything that can distort you in a real photo (scars, wrinkles any birth defects).

If for some reason you have decided to change the main photo, inform your regular interlocutors about it.