How to ask a guy out on a first date?

Online communication is pleasant, but it is always more pleasant to spend time in reality, get to know your interlocutor better, hear his voice, see facial expressions, smile and gestures. How to ask a guy out on a date if before that you only communicated in a chat-roulette?

Do not hurry

The first few days, it is better to communicate in the Internet. So you make sure that you should spend time on this person in real life, that your interlocutor is who he claims to be. Be sure to use video chat to evaluate his appearance and behavior. In addition, in the first two days it will not be out of place to allow the man to be the first to take the initiative and invite you on a date. If this did not happen, but you see that the interlocutor is clearly interested in you, do not be afraid and take the initiative into your own hands!

Do not be intrusive

The initiative from the girl is always exciting and attractive, but do not confuse her with obsession. If a partner rarely answers you with monosyllabic phrases, if you have to constantly get in touch first, there can be no talk of a real date.

In addition, you should not ask about a real meeting several times. Do not think that the guy does not remember the proposed date or he is too busy: most likely, he is simply not determined to meet with you, and it is better to look for a friendlier companion.

Getting a date is easy!

Even if you are a shy girl, there is nothing difficult on the Internet to arrange a personal meeting. If you are embarrassed to ask about this in a video chat, just write a few sentences in messages. Immediately come up with options for hanging out. You can unobtrusively offer to go to the cinema or theater, go for a walk or have coffee in a cozy cafe. It all depends on the time at your disposal, weather conditions and preferences.

Do not forget to exchange contact details

Immediately after you have decided on the time and date, exchange phone numbers or at least accounts on social networks. This will allow you not to lose the interlocutor if unexpected circumstances arise. In addition, the presence of a phone number always helps to start a closer conversation.

Thus, an invitation to a date is a great way to start a close acquaintance, establish a romantic relationship and even take the first small step to live together. Do not be afraid that nothing will come of a date: you can always make friends with a person. In addition, inviting guys to date, you increase self-confidence and ability to communicate with people. A real meeting is an opportunity to spend time in an interesting and enjoyable conversation.