Choosing a guy hairstyle for an avatar

The photo on the avatar is the first thing that users of sites see. Everyone wants to impress the future interlocutor. To do this, you should make an effort. First, think about the hairstyle. It is enough for the girls to let their hair down. And it is difficult for guys.

Why is hairstyle important?

Sites such as Chatroulet and Omegle are created for communication with the help of a webcam. People see each other, which means that they need to look attractive.

On the avatar, you cannot see the body, height and weight of the interlocutor. Therefore, attention is paid to the head. Beautiful eyes are not enough. You need to show yourself in the most favourable way. Properly selected hairstyle will help you.

How to choose a hairstyle for a guy?

The haircut should be fashionable, but at the same time suitable for you. Properly selected image will make you confident.

The main criteria when choosing a hairstyle:

· Face shape (oval, rectangular, square, triangular, round).

· Hair colour.

· Structure (thin, stiff, thick, sparse hair).

· Age.

· Lifestyle.

· Facial hair (beard, mustache).

Holders of an oval face will suit any haircuts. If you have a round head shape, it will be a little harder. Asymmetrical haircuts are a good option. Who has a square face, it is advisable to cut a classic style. A stylist will help to create an attractive image.

For those who wear glasses, a haircut with classic haircut is recommended. Light bristles add brutality to the look.

If a young man has long hair, before doing an avatar, wash it. Girls do not like scruffy guys. Greasy dirty curls will scare off before the conversation begins.

Lifestyle & hairstyle

Businessmen, office workers look respectable. Classic haircuts with clear geometric lines suit them. Curls of medium length are smoothly combed.

Athletes are courageous men. Sports haircuts give the image a severity. Universal sports haircuts are suitable for men of different ages.

A carefree young student is free to do whatever he wants with his haircut. It can be long, short, hippie-style, with bangs, no bangs. The main thing is that the image should be light.

A complex haircut needs to be styled correctly. Chat-roulette has a wide audience, which means that there are many competitors. Therefore, learn how to style your hair.

Wash your hair.

· Use a hairdryer.

· Keep the hairdryer at a distance of 20-30 cm. This will minimize the damage.

· Finally, use gel or hair wax.

Now feel free to upload the avatar to Omegle and Chatroulette.