Choosing a background for an avatar of a girl

The first impression is really important. There is no second chance. This rule applies to Omegle and Chatroulette dating sites. A profile photo will tell you a lot. To show yourself in a favorable way, you need to take pictures correctly.

How to take the right photo?

1. Do not hide your eyes. Glasses are a stylish accessory, but only in sunny weather. An open look is credible. With the help of an eye contact, a connection between people arises. There is a desire to get to know the interlocutor closer. Sunglasses cause distrust. The desire to meet may not arise.

2. Do not look away. During the conversation, the interlocutors look directly, this is a sign of respect. There is the same thing with a photo. An open direct look, straightened shoulders cause sympathy.

3. A smile. Sincere smile attracts people. Inflated lips are no longer relevant. It looks vulgar.

4. Show your hands. Hands hidden in pockets indicate unreliability of a person. Hands in the photo are regarded as a sign of trust.

How to take a picture for an avatar?

Background is a separate topic. Posture and pretty face are not enough to interest a young man. The background is just as important. The interlocutor will appreciate the well-chosen background.

For girls who use Photoshop, it will not be difficult to make a beautiful background. If there are no such skills, you will have to work a little.

· Use a ready-made photophone. Paper, fabric, anyone will do.

· Go outside. A brick wall is a great option for the background.

· A park, an alley, a bench, an umbrella. Add romance to the picture.

· A sea. During the rest, good photos are obtained.

· Sports. A photo in the gym will attract the attention of men.

The background is able to talk about the girl’s occupation, interests, even character.

· Rainbow colors speak of bold disposition, cheerfulness.

· The predominant black color characterizes a person as a pessimist. Dark colors indicate depression.

· White color is ambiguous. A snow-white background may indicate a pure soul, warmth, kindness. At the same time, the white background means cold, logic, straightforwardness.

· Shades of gray characterize a person who does not want to stand out from the crowd. This is shyness, melancholy, boredom.

· Yellow is the color of positive, optimistic, love, friendliness. The yellow background is conducive to communication.

· Red means aggression, rage, passion. Girls who like red are selfish, persistent, domineering.

Green and blue mean relaxation. Choose natural colors for background. It is important to see the person in the chat-roulette before dating. A properly selected background will help with this. Then the communication in Omegle and Chatroulette will have a chance to develop into something more.