How to flirt with a foreigner?

Russian girls are still dreaming about marrying a foreigner: a stable life in a European country, the absence of material problems, and interesting relationships with a versatile person – all this attracts them and gives good motivation. However, do not forget about the radically different mentality, customs and habits of people from different countries. How to flirt with a guy to make him fall in love with you and continue communication?

Do not be afraid to start a dialogue first

In Russia, there is still a template according to which a girl should not write and call first. In a liberated Europe, everything is different: young ladies are not afraid to write a message first or even initiate a video call in a chat. Try to follow this rule, and you will see that on the first day you will make some wonderful acquaintances worthy of your attention.

Do not be intrusive

This rule in no case contradicts the previous one. It is one thing to take initiative and quite another to annoy a person. If you see that after your call there was no reply, and the man is indifferent, it is better to find another interlosutor.

Learn the language well

It is not necessary to immediately learn the language of a new acquaintance. However, you must speak English very well. You cannot flirt with a guy if you can only answer the question “How are you?” Improving the language is best in practice: communicating in a chat-roulette every day helps to eliminate the language barrier.

Do not be the first to talk about sex

Otherwise, a man may find you an easy girl looking for a relationship for one night.

Give compliments right

Men also like compliments. You can mention the timbre of the voice, the color of the guy’s eyes and other details that will indicate attentiveness. However, you should not compliment every minute. It will only cause irritation and demonstrate your self-doubt.

In the process of communicating and flirting with a foreigner, be sure to consider national and cultural characteristics. Remember that some jokes and phrases that are normally perceived in your country, and in another may seem offensive. That is why it is recommended to be attentive to the interlocutor. Thus, flirting with a foreigner in a video chat is pleasant and non-binding activities that will help you spend an evening, make a new friend or find a romantic partner. With mutual sympathy, you can always make a real meeting that will lead to a strong relationship or a family. Do not be afraid to communicate with different people and choose the best one!