Best questions for a first date

The first date is an event that causes a slight excitement and a feeling of uncertainty. A simple meeting can lead to a friendship, romantic relationship or to a non-binding pleasant evening. What questions should be asked at the first date to make the partner like you and to continue communication with him?


This simple question will help you keep the conversation going. Do not be afraid to learn more about hobby of a guy or a girl, ask leading questions, say clarifying phrases. All this will help develop a conversation about hobby and make it relaxed.

Attitude to pets

You are your partner must have a cat or a dog. Share impressions of the funny tricks of these pets, show photos on a phone. All this will help relieve stress during the first conversation.


Each person has something to tell about the places he has visited. Ask where your interlocutor was, what sights left in his memory a lasting impression. You will find a fascinating conversation and exchange of experience!


If you know that your partner likes to read, talk about favorite books! Such a conversation can take more than one minute if you ask questions correctly. Ask which few books have been read by a guy or a girl recently, which book (or several books) are his/her favorite, and why, if the person you are talking to likes detective stories or science fiction. In the end, you can exchange recommendations – so you will not only support the conversation, but also find out what you can read.

Future plans for life

This question is especially relevant for young people. Ask the student where he would like to work in the future, if he wants to continue his education, how he relates to a family life, maybe he would like to be a family man, in which country he would like to live. Using these questions, you can create a good topic for long discussions.  In addition, it is a great way to get to know a person better, which will be useful in the further development of relations.

You should not ask questions about relationships with parents or past romantic relationships, about attitudes towards religion and politics on a first date. These are quite sensitive topics, which can provoke a serious conflict.

Thus, do not be afraid to ask interesting questions on the first date, which will help to have a relaxed and cheerful conversation, and your meeting will definitely get a pleasant continuation! The main thing is to develop the topic, give detailed clarifications and be interested in the opinion of the interlocutor. Ask what you are really interested in, and then there will be no problems with the conversation.