How to choose a dress for a first date

After meeting and communicating at a distance, men often call girls on an official first date. For the fair sex, this is a very exciting event because you have to choose an outfit in which to go for it. The impression of you after a live meeting plays a huge role in the development of future relationships and you need to look great. There are a few rules to follow when choosing a first date dress.

Rule # 1

You have your own individual and beautiful body type, for which not all styles of dresses are suitable. This is worth paying special attention to. After all, the outfit should emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws, and not vice versa.

Pear-shaped ladies have chic hips, contoured waist and petite shoulders. If you are of this type, then it is better to look at the models with a flared skirt. This will emphasize the waist and hide unwanted centimeters on the hips. You can bare your shoulders if you wish. Flounces or ruffles will look good on the shoulders. Better to be wary of tight sheath dresses. There is a risk that, due to wide hips, the fabric on a thin waist can lie in an ugly accordion.

Girls with an inverted triangle figure have broad shoulders and narrow hips. A dress with a pleated skirt, in the form of a flounce or an A-line will look gorgeous on you. This will hide the shoulders and add volume from the bottom. Do not choose a dress with a complicated top. It should be light and gentle. A V-neck will look perfect. Sleeves with lace or ruffles will not be the best option for you.

Girls with a rectangular figure have a symmetrical top and bottom. There is a waist, but less pronounced. Your main task will be to emphasize the waist with belts or the structure of the dress. An ideal option is a wrap dress or any form-fitting style. It is better not to choose fluffy briskets or massive sleeves.

The hourglass ladies are also symmetrical, but they have a graceful line of a thin waist. You can choose any style of dress, as the figure allows.

Rule # 2

Do not dress too vulgar and defiant. A man may not like it and even repulse. He will immediately have thoughts of a fleeting date without continuing. Better to wear a discreet but attractive outfit. Avoid plunging necklines, minimal dress lengths, and open backs. But at the same time, you should not hide your merits.

Rule # 3

Choose an outfit that is comfortable for you. You should not wear a dress for the first date in which it is difficult to breathe, is too prickly or, on the contrary, is unnaturally sliding. Remember that it is not clothing that adorns a person, but a person’s clothing.

Rule # 4

Push away from the meeting point. If a walk is planned for a walk in the park, then light and relaxed models will do. For a restaurant or cafe, the best solution is the evening option.

There are many styles for all occasions and the first date is no exception. Knowing these simple rules, you can easily find a suitable option and conquer a man already on the first date.