Flirting in Chatrandom

Chatrandom is a platform for communication, finding friends and a soulmate. But it is not enough just to enter the site and go through the registration process. In order to interest a person, you need to properly start and maintain communication.

Flirting basics

In order to start communication, you need to find a topic for communication. It is recommended to study the interests of the person on his account. For example, questions about studies, hobbies, how the day went and so on. But do not focus on the same topic if your friend is sluggish about it.

Do not forget about jokes, as they significantly deplete the atmosphere. Avoid any mention of religion, politics, nationality, etc. It can hurt a person.

Once you have gotten the person you are talking to, it is time to start flirting. It takes a little playfulness and good humor. In this case, you need to act as carefully and reasonably as possible, do not go beyond what is permitted.

If communication is carried out through correspondence, then it will be appropriate to use emoticons. But do not abuse it so as not to seem like a child.

Each time you need to increase the pressure, making it clear about your intentions. If the interlocutor does not react very positively, then you should slow down and return to normal communication. Before you say something, you need to think twice so as not to show yourself from a not very good side.

The main rule of flirting is to skillfully end the conversation. Sometimes you need to make the interlocutor wait a little to annoy him a little. You need to respond to messages after a few minutes so that the interlocutor shows his interest in communicating with you.

What you should not do

There are some taboos that can instantly spoil communication. For instance:

1. Avoid excessive self-criticism. It will be more correct to look like a confident and self-loving person.

2. Everything should be in moderation: do not go overboard with compliments. It is pretty boring. It is best to use it on time in the appropriate amount.

3. Do not impose communication;

4. Do not discuss “dangerous” topics;

5. Do not cross the border of personal space;

6. Do not be rude.

In addition, do not dwell on one flirting, do not forget about common topics that are very important for understanding between people.

You should not write messages when the other person is not online. This is only relevant if important news is reported. Do not mention in the conversation people who are not familiar to your interlocutor, as this can confuse him and show disinterest in communication.

Do not forget about your own safety. It is not recommended to provide personal data, phone number, and address.