Communication with random girls

Getting to know a girl is not enough. The main thing is to attract her. Now you do not have to do it in a park or in various places. It is better to use social networks, instant messengers or video chats. But here everything is not so simple either. Let’s take a look at some useful rules for communicating effectively with girls.

1. Bring positive emotions.

Each person has problems: study, work or household chores. Therefore, the girl will want to relax, and not listen to complaints and worries from a stranger. Therefore, it is recommended to bring only positive emotions.

2. Be confident in yourself and your words.

There is no certainty that this particular girl will want any continuation, on the contrary, it is more likely that she is just taking her leisure time. Therefore, communicate with other interlocutors. It will increase your experience with the opposite sex and allow the other girl to feel the competition and fight for you. Also, do not forget that confidence and moderation attract women.

3. Surprise.

Pay attention to the girl, compliment her, and do not forget to ask what worries her. It will show that you are interested in her and are ready to continue the communication.

4. Do not forget about compliments.

If you notice that the girl has changed something – her hair, makeup, nails – do not forget to say something about it. Say that she is beautiful, funny, and good conversationalist. But do not give compliments for nothing. Any girl will notice it.

5. Try to interest your interlocutor.

Inquire in advance about her interests and tastes. After that it is recommended to study at least a little to keep the conversation going. Do not hesitate, the girl will appreciate it and draw appropriate conclusions. And in general, a comprehensively developed and erudite person is interesting to everyone, without exception.

6. Be active in communication.

Communication with you should be associated with the holiday – it is expected for a long time and it will be remembered for a long time. Therefore, you should not write too often and impose on communication. Sometimes it is worth disappearing or leaving a message unread for a few minutes. If communication is carried out in video chat, then you can show a little that you are busy. No matter how effective it is, you should not overdo it, otherwise the girl will get tired of it and she will stop communicating.

7. Listen and hear the interlocutor.

Girls are quite talkative, so your task is not just to listen, but to hear. So you can identify her tastes and any wishes. When you show the girl that you remember what she was talking about, then you will attract her attention.

8. Do not bother the girl.

This is one of the most important rules. Girls get bored when you are too interested in her. They like a little distant and busy young people. Girls fall in love with those who behave proudly and self-confidently. You should not be dependent on communication with her, otherwise you will soon lose her interest.