Body language in communication

In the process of daily communication, a person pays attention not only to the appearance and timbre of the interlocutor’s voice, not only to the words that he uses, but also to the so-called body language – gestures and body movements that we do involuntarily, and which express our character, attitude to another person. What should be considered when communicating via video communication, and what body language shows our mood and feelings for the interlocutor?

Arms crossed on your chest or stomach

Often, this can often be seen when a person sits in a chair in front of a monitor. Such a gesture almost always means stiffness and uncertainty – at this stage of communication, the person does not trust you. This is quite normal for not very sociable people, besides, in the chat you meet completely unfamiliar users, so at first, stiffness is quite acceptable.

Hair touching

This gesture is most often inherent in women who openly flirt with their interlocutor. Playing with curls and throwing her head back, flirty touches to her hair are all clear signs that the girl wants to please you. Love her back with a few compliments!

Nervous gestures

The following body language indicates that the person is clearly uncomfortable with you:

· Tapping fingers on the table.

· The person begins to bite a pen, pencil or own nails.

· The interlocutor is constantly looking around.

· The person constantly changes the position of the body, behaves fussy.

· The interlocutor brushes off invisible specks from clothes, even if they do not exist.

If such gestures are repeated too often, the interlocutor definitely wants to be alone, so it is recommended to politely say goodbye to him and find a more confident person. If the user is determined to communicate with you, he will definitely add you to the list of friends and he will get in touch.

Crossing legs

Some people think that most people are comfortable sitting this way, while others see the gesture as flirtatious. However, in most cases, this suggests that the interlocutor is subconsciously trying to protect himself from you. Try to hang out with him for a little longer to see if he will feel more comfortable and more relaxed in your company in the future.

Open mouth and licking lips

It is another clear sign of flirt and strong sympathy for the representative of the opposite sex, which is mainly manifested in women. If you notice that the girl is doing this, she clearly wants a more frank continuation of your conversation, perhaps in reality.

Thus, sign language and body language are qualitative indicators of how the other person is feeling and how they feel about you. Do not take this too seriously, but always pay attention to the person’s behavior during everyday conversation in chat or in reality – this will help you get to know your partner better.